Photo of me

Sergey Beliakov

Software Engineer

Moscow, Russia

R&D Engineer at Iponweb
Moscow, Russia

December 2014 – Present

Optimized logs processing algorithm with a result of tenfold speedup.

Made a research on parallelization using CUDA.

At the moment I'm working on distributed high-load fault-tolerant message processing system. We use Scala as a primary language for development and in particular akka framework. The project is based on Kafka messaging system.

Software Engineer Intern at Google
Zurich, Switzerland

July 2014 – October 2014

My goal was to determine reasons of users doing one exact action. During the project I used Map-Reduce technology (C++ custom library), dremel (the base for BigQuery) - SQL like bigdata query system and my analytical skills. As a result I figured out several behavioural models giving the answer to the main question of the project. Some of them were obvious, and some of them were surprising for everybody. At the end I had a presentation of my results for other offices.

Software Engineer Intern at Yandex
Moscow, Russia

June 2013 – July 2014

Mined data from user logs using Map-Reduce technology (mostly custom library for Python). Successfully mined most frequent object titles and split them into groups naming the same object, knowledge of statistical theory was applied here. Designed and implemented backend responding with random feed of pages for different users. The feed was various by objects and infinite but stable, i.e. the i-th element of feed was always the same for a given user. Backend was designed to be distributed.

Software Engineer Trainee at Yandex
Moscow, Russia

October 2012 – May 2013

Software Engineer at
Moscow, Russia

October 2012 – June 2015

Developing backend for the project. We use REST API. Implemented several new features (comments, ratings). Redesigned code base resulting in more than double reduction of code with business logic. Improved readabilty.

Student at Moscow State University
Moscow, Russia

September 2010 – June 2015

Distributed systems: Apache Kafka, Apache Zookeeper with Apache Curator, Apache Cassandra, Map Reduce libraries, Aerospike, Samza

Used in work: Apache Curator, Graphite, Cuda, Antlr4, Samza, MapReduce, Cuda, Latex, Unix utils, nginx

Concurrent Versions Systems: git, mercurial

Programming Languages: C++, Java, Scala, Python, C#, JavaScript

Scala frameworks: Akka

C# frameworks: MVC, Entity Framework

Python frameworks: Django, Django REST framework

JavaScript libraries: Backbone, jQuery, RequireJS, lodash templates, Chartist

CSS frameworks: Bootstrap

Data storage systems: Apache Kafka, Apache Zookeeper, MySQL, Redis, Aerospike

Build tools: make, gradle, maven, grunt

Serialization: JSON, Protocol buffers (protobuf), Apache Avro

Worked with clouds: Google Compute Engine, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Google Cloud Storage

Algorithmic problems solving, designing distributed fault-tolerant systems